Pure Data Abstractions

These are some abstractions I've developed for Pure Data. Many of the abstractions require Pd-extended, and nearly all come bundled with a help patch. They are released under the Creative Commons Attribution license.

bb_filebrowser :: bb_filebrowser.zip
A GUI file browser with some added functionality. It can filter files by type, and allows files to be selected by mouse click or index number. This patch owes a lot to a similar PDMTL abstraction, but avoids the PDMTL interdependencies.

bb_learn :: bb_learn.zip
Easily adds learneable MIDI control to a patch. Learned MIDI settings may then be saved in a text file for loading later. Create as many control objects as needed, and all settings will be saved to a single text file. Works with both control and note MIDI values. Now works with Pd-Vanilla.

bb_mp3caster :: bb_mp3caster.zip
A gui abstraction for the [mp3cast~] object. Streams mp3 audio to Icecast, Shoutcast, and Darwin Streaming Servers.

bb_rec :: bb_rec.zip
A modular, multitrack audio recording patch - very flexible and scalable.

bb_sample :: bb_sample.zip
A sample player with optional looping.

bb_sync2gui :: bb_sync2gui.zip
A simple abstraction for syncing two GUI objects (ex. a slider and a number box) so that changes to one will be reflected in the other without creating an infinite loop and incurring stack overflow errors. Works with Pd-Vanilla.

bb_uname :: bb_uname.zip
Generates unique file names based on the date/time.

dt_sampler :: dt_sampler.zip
A comprehensive sampler / looper. Record or load a sample, define preset sections, loop, playback in forward or reverse. This was a collaborative effort with Derek Tuttle.

rand_file :: rand_file.pd
Select files at random from a given folder. You may choose to limit the selected files to those of a given file extension.