Isolated Elements -- Internet Archive Tumblr Residency

Isolated Elements is a collection of videos created by Ben Baker-Smith, in collaboration with sound artist Evan Kühl, for the Internet Archive’s 2014 Tumblr residency.

Each video is constructed from raw materials hosted by The Internet Archive and selected for their relation to five of the classical elements: space, water, fire, wind, and earth. The classical elements represent a perspective which defines matter in terms of its function; what it does, not what it is. The raw materials for Isolated Elements are treated in a similarly naïve yet pragmatic way, emphasizing the unique aesthetic qualities of digital video over the accurate reproduction of real world imagery.

View it on the Internet Archive Tumblr this week only, or long-term at

Archival bits.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Rainbow Fish 01

Grey Peaks (light) 01

Portal 01

GLi.TC/H 2112 :: DEC 6-9 CHICAGO

GLI.TC/H 2112, the 3rd annual dirty new media gathering, is happening this week in Chicago!

I will be participating in the night of realtime performances happening Friday, December 7, at Tritriangle (1550 N Milwaukee, 3rd floor, 1/2 block from Damen Blue Line), both individually for Jason Soliday's NO_MEDIA

NO_MEDIA is a performance framework that goes from zero to zero! Participating performers will start from blank slates, build sets from scratch. No preparation allowed. Zeroed out knobs. No strings on your guitar. No presets. Everything done in realtime from beginning to end. Everything that happens exists only in and during the performance :: “Raw Real Time”. After ~10 minutes you will delete all assets. It happens.... and … then it’s gone...

and with Evan Kühl as Vaudeo Signal for the Open Robin.

The format is inspired by the [Dirty] New-Media Round Robin curated by Nick Briz on OCT 16, 2012; inspired by the Baltimore music scene, where performers set-up at the same time around the perimeter of the venue and perform short sets one after another (around the circle) passing the baton (or cables in this case) from one to the next. The Open Robin breaks the circle to allow for new connexxxions && collaborations.

There are also LOADS of other exciting workshops, panels, collaborative environments, and gatherings. Dive into the schedule or go straight to GLI.TC/H to see what's up.

video by Bob Weisz