Research Project 5 - Vaudeo Motion Demo

Vaudeo Motion is a collaboration between dancer Nora Sharp and Vaudeo Signal, currently developing a performance as a sponsored project at High Concept Labs.

Official project description:

Vaudeo Motion combines Vaudeo Signal’s synaesthetic audio-video systems with the choreography of Nora Sharp. Occupying the space between a camera and projection, movement becomes a part of an inter-reactive audio-video feedback system, wherein the silhouette directly affects the audio and video components of the performance.
In residency at High Concept Labs, Vaudeo Motion will use hcl’s studios to develop their work through rehearsals and a series of work in progress performances. They seek to refine effective scores for reactive systems focusing on the interactions between movement, sound, and visuals in order to explore the thematic material that arises from the process. Under hcl’s sponsored projects program, they will additionally be able to host work-in-progress showings and document their processes.