Bus Tops - animations on London bus shelters

Some English chaps got together and built 30 awesome red LED panels, and installed them on the roofs of bus shelters in 20 London boroughs. The project, Bus-Tops will be showing animated and still artworks for the next 8 months or so, primarily targeting people sitting on the top level of double decker buses. See the BBC report below, and this video documentation for a clearer view of a panel in action.

The last half of February has been "glitch" themed, curated by DoDD, moderator of the Glitch Art group on Flickr. During this time a selection of my works has be screened alongside the creations of Glitch-Irion, Stallio, Pixel Noizz, Notendo, Hellocatfood, and Gridworks1.

EDIT: Here's a video of the Glitch works in action:

Below are my submissions. Under each GIF is the video recording it was sourced from, sculpted using a combination of old analog video hardware and custom-built signal generators. Londoners, check the project page for scheduling times / locations.

If anyone has video footage of my designs in action, please please please send me a copy!

SNO 005B


SNO 001A

SNO 009B