Glitches_In_Motion :: 04 :: is a video blog created and maintained by a trio of artists working with video and web technologies: jimpunk, Mr. Tamale, and Rick Silva (aka. Abe Linkoln)

Loading the site is like piloting a spacecraft through a wormhole. I never know if my browser will survive the journey, or if time will slow to a crawl before the page blinks out of existence - taking all my open tabs with it. On the occasion that this doesn't happen there is no predicting what insanity will be waiting on the other side.

Mr. T........TV strives first and foremost to be overwhelming and in-your-face. It certainly succeeds in this regard, presenting a chaotic layout with multiple quicktime videos automatically playing and looping on the front page. Violent and schizophrenic visual imagery is joined by a multitude of overlapping soundtracks to create an intimidating and abrasive audio/visual collage.

The content tends to be very self-aware. Images of the editing software used to create the videos often appears within the videos themselves, creating a sort of metarecursive effect, and the web-based blogger interface appears in a few posts, most notably in TRIPTYCH.TV - Edit Post - View Site. Source media and effects are often re-used across multiple videos, creating an unexpectedly strong feeling of connection between the different works.

I wouldn't describe a trip to as a pleasant experience, but I keep coming back all the same. There is something exciting about the seemingly haphazard combinations of found images, cheesy animations, brutal glitches, and exposed software interfaces. Perhaps it is the feeling of unity between such chaotic elements, as though the minds behind it have a clear vision of what should exist in the domain. Perhaps it is the relief that comes from not hiding the origins and technical realities of the media, of accepting that it is only what it is - there are no unmet expectations or failed attempts to inspire meaning or emotion through narrative.

Whatever it is, I find it remarkably easy to get lost in some of these loops, though I now load them one post at a time from my RSS reader - the front page is a bit too much after the first experience.

(title unknown)

I recommend visiting the site to view these videos (and more) in their natural environment.