Nullsleep - Collapsed Desires Tour

Nullsleep, the pseudonym of NYC electronic artist and musician Jeremiah Johnson, has announced U.S. dates for the upcoming Collapsed Desires Tour. Johnson is best known for his work with chiptune music, and is the co-founder of the 8bitpeoples collective.

From the official site:

Parallel and paradoxical desires converge on a series of points scattered across the surface of the planet. Atom bombs of lust and malice implode under their own tremendous psychological weight. Fantasies are obsessively imagined until they cross into reality - fracturing violently, their forms realized as distorted and traumatic visions of the ideal. This is the sound of Nullsleep tearing across the coordinate system of space-time on the Collapsed Desires Tour 2010.

The tour kicks off next Wednesday, May 19th at Reggie's Rock Club in Chicago. Here he will be joined by local acts Orange Drink, Saskrotch, and Tewz. Tickets are $10.

For those of you not in Chicago, do not fear. Nullsleep will be visiting Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Austin, Nashville, New York, and Philadelphia all in the next month, with European tour dates yet to be announced. Almost every show features a unique lineup of other musical acts, including I, Cactus at the Austin show, all of which can be found here.